Yesterday was C. D. Farrar’s last day in the dry goods business with which he has been identified for the past thirty years. Mr. Farrar began work in 1874 as a clerk and went into business for himself in 1881. With different partners he has been in the dry goods business since then, a period of twenty-three years. Mr. Farrar has sold his stock and leased the store to A. Singer and will hereafter devote himself to his extensive lumber interests in Northern Maine.

C. B. Hartford’s Commission House which has been located on Park street, has been moved to the building on Main street which is situated between the Empire Theatre and the Hotel Atwood.

50 Years Ago, 1954

Approximately 300 members of the Auburn schoolboy patrol, who assist in handling traffic at school crossings, were taken on an all day outing at Bear Pond, North Turner, yesterday by members of the Auburn police department. The boys perform their duties at both the public and parochial schools.

Chief Alton E. Savage was in charge of the group which left Auburn by buses about 9 a.m. and returned shortly after 4 p.m. it was reported the boys really got wet, as many of the group went in swimming.

The drizzle which continued most of the day failed to dampen the outing spirit. The boys also enjoyed boating and roller skating.

25 Years Ago, 1979

Both Auburn police and the Androscoggin County Sheriff Department were involved Wednesday in an incident on Center Street after receiving a CB report that a pistol was being pointed out of the window of a car which was traveling northerly on Center Street after leaving the Vietnam Memorial Bridge.

At the time of the report, the car with two teenagers was headed toward Turner.

A check of the vehicle registration got Sgt. Gerald Paterson of the ASO in touch with the owner of the vehicle, the Turner mother of one of the teenagers involved in the pistol incident.

A later investigation with the boys showed that the guns were water pistols and they claimed that a lot of high school students have been purchasing them.

The boys claimed that what someone saw and reported over the CB radio was one of the teenagers taking aim at some object with the water pistol as they traveled along.

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