Over on the Auburn baseball diamond will be played what promises to be a red-hot article of the national sport. Leavitt Institute, the team from Turner, will endeavor to defeat Lewiston High and win the pennant of the Bowdoin Interscholastic League and all may rest assured that equally as hard will the Lewiston boys strive not to let them do it. Leavitt has lost two games this season, one to Lewiston and the other to Portland High. Lewiston High has lost two games, also, one to Leavitt and one to Portland. Portland High has lost two games, one to Lewiston High and the other to Leavitt. That these three teams are evenly matched will be seen at a glance.

50 Years Ago, 1954

Approximately 200 amateur radio operators from all sections of New England are expected in Lewiston-Auburn for the third annual radio rendezvous and hamfest to be held here under the sponsorship of the Androscoggin Amateur Radio Association. A hidden transmitter hunt, in which operators of mobile radio units, will try to locate a secret transmitting unit, will be the feature of the day’s events. Location the hidden transmitter will be decided by Donald R. Dean of Auburn, who will operate the unit.

25 Years Ago, 1979

For a while, Sabattus Pond had a bad case of the blues – and the greens and other kinds of algae. But now, thanks to the efforts of the 225-member Sabattus Lake Association, there are brighter, and cleaner times ahead for the lake. “I don’t want people to think that it (the cleanup) will be done overnight,” remarked association President Eddie Dostie. But, he predicted, the water quality will only “get better and better and better.” The build-up of algae in Sabattus Lake resulted from unregulated dumping of area chicken farms and industry. But, during the last decade, bins and retaining walls have been successful in stopping the phosphate run-off and checking the tide of algae build-up.

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