At present the members of the Auburn Street Department are taking a vacation. The street crossings will not be swept today. The laborers and street commissioner will be at liberty to go to Lake Grove or remain in the city all day, enjoying St. John’s Day celebration. The thought of work will be far from them.

By order of the Board of Public Works Commission all work was suspended Wednesday morning at 8 o’clock. At least that was the hour that the Street Commissioner Goss received word to suspend all operations and within an hour no one was turning a hand even to repair the highways.

50 Years Ago, 1954

Although production at the Androscoggin Division of the Bates Manufacturing Co. in Lewiston is expected to continue declining, there are no plans to close the mill completely and the other four Bates plants are expected to continue operating at least 80% of capacity, it was disclosed yesterday by Louis F. Laun, assistant to the president, after a discussion by company officials.

The Bates official explained that experimental work will continue at the mill and a few looms will be kept in operation. The poor market for rayon materials is the major cause of the lack of business. Laun said the firm is making all possible efforts to reduce manufacturing costs of rayon cloth and to develop new products so as to increase operations at the plant.

25 Years Ago, 1979

Androscoggin Head Start and Childhood Enrichment programs celebrated the International Year of the Child with their own International Day of the Child at the Lewiston Multi-Purpose Center on Friday.

The groups held the event to show their “hands-on approach to early childhood education.” scaling everything to the children’s level and encouraging creativity through free art and easel art. An official also said language development through science, social studies and social interaction with others, adult and children alike, happens daily in the Head Start and Childhood Enrichment programs.

“An atmosphere of love and trust between students and teachers, and students and students is promoted by a great deal of affirmation,” the spokesman said. “We try to teach our children to handle conflict situations verbally rather than physically. Students are encouraged to talk about their feelings and express their thoughts.”

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