RUMFORD – There may be some disruptions for patients and visitors in the next two months as the hospital’s two elevators are replaced, one at a time.

Because the elevators are located near the Emergency Department entrance, that will not be the best way for people to enter the hospital. Those who do use the entrance must exercise caution as there may be hoses and other equipment near the doors.

The rear entrance, near patient registration and the cafeteria, will be the easiest way for patients and visitors to enter the hospital during this and subsequent phases of renovation. That entrance is reached by driving between Swift River Health Care and the hospital. Both handicapped and regular parking are near the rear entrance.

Although one elevator will always be in service throughout the work, there will be maps available for people who would rather use stairs than wait for the elevator. Employees will direct people and walk them to their destination if the employee is able to leave her post.

When they are replaced, the elevators will be state-of-the-art and accessible. This is only one part of the upgrading of the hospital systems. Recently, a new generator was installed and work has begun on a new chimney to improve efficiency and reduce emissions. Once these systems are in place, work will begin on a new main entrance and an enlarged emergency department.

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