NAVAL STATION, NORFOLK, Va. – In the middle of the ongoing War on Terror, one unit of devoted service members train and operate to ensure that the United States will be free from terrorist activities.

Lance Cpl. Jason Wing, son of George and Marsha Wing of Lewiston, is one of more than 50 active duty Marines assigned to 2nd Fleet Anti-terrorism Security Team Co. (2nd FAST), 3rd Platoon, based at Naval Weapons Station Yorktown, Va.

2nd FAST Co. conducts daily anti-terrorism training and deploys throughout the world to protect units vital to national security.

“It is difficult at times because we are always on the move, but we are learning what we need to know in order to defend our country,” said the 2003 graduate of Lewiston High School.

2nd FAST Co.’s primary missions include site security, physical security for special nuclear material and strategic weapons, maritime security, convoy operations, pier-side security and security reinforcement at Naval and national installations, including embassies.

Every member of the platoon is vital in completing the missions. As an Infantryman, Wing is responsible for maintaining constant readiness on patrols, in the field, while standing duty and during training evolutions.

“We provide sight security and convoy operations to defend the United States and its embassies,” he said.

Over the past six years, 2nd FAST Co., 3rd Platoon has conducted operations in Nairobi, Kenya and Dar es Salam, Tanzania, Macedonia and Liberia.

“I am proud to be serving in the Marine Corps, because I am fighting for the freedoms of every American,” said Wing, who joined the Marine Corps in July 2003.

The Marines of 2nd FAST Co., 3rd Platoon are determined to defend their country by acting as deterrents to terrorist attacks. Their efforts during real-world operations have helped to save lives in the past and their constant training prepares them for future missions.

Wing’s father, George, said his son’s goal has been to be a “United States Marine” since he was 10 years old. He added, “He’s always been a very patriotic person.”

The younger Wing enrolled in a “Young Marines” program, remaining for seven years. He graduated as a first sergeant.

Wing joined the Marines pre-enlistment program before graduating from Lewiston High School. A month after graduation, he was sent to Parris Island, S.C., where he completed a rugged 14-week basic training program, graduating in October 2003. He is in training with the Special Operations Team.

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