Between 200 and 300 people gathered in City Hall at a mass meeting called by the Central Labor Union to protest against the conditions now existing in Colorado. Alva Coombs, the president of the union, presided. There were three speakers: Rev. H. C. Wilson of Lewiston, L. C. Bateman of Auburn, and James F. Cary of Haverhill, Mass. The first speaker was Mr. Wilson, who said that he wanted to ally himself at once with the cause represented. He said that the men of this country should assert their rights by means of their votes at the ballot box and when these awful conditions as now exist in Colorado take place all should step out and speak against them.

50 Years Ago, 1954

Two Auburn visitors scrambled out of bed as lightning swept through their bedroom, badly damaging the outer wall and leaving traces of its path around the bed. They were unhurt. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Landry of Yarmouth said they were awake listening to the thunder during the electrical storm when the lightning ran around the room without touching them. They were overnight guests of Mr. and Mrs. Theodore J. Arsenault of 87 Manley Court. The Landry children, Dennis, 8, and Arthur, 3 were in a connecting bedroom and Linda Arsenault, 10, had walked through the damaged room minutes before.

25 Years Ago, 1979

Twenty-eight years ago a young soldier serving in Korea with the famed Second Infantry Division volunteered to cover the withdrawal of his unit when it came under intense enemy fire. In the action he was wounded. For his courageous conduct the PFC was awarded the Bronze Star Medal. But he never received the Purple Heart Medal awarded by the Armed Forces for wounds received in action. In the more friendly surroundings of the local American Legion post, Ivan R. Fifield of North Street, now a vice commander of the Legion, was presented that belated Purple Heart medal.

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