One of the most quiet Fourth’s ever known in the two cities passed and no one appeared to be the sorrier for it. There was no celebration of any kind here. Even the city did not have the cannon fired at sunrise, noon and sunset as it has been done in former years. There were three band concerts given, however, on the park and all were largely attended and enjoyed. Many people went out of town to spend the day, going to the seashore and islands. Monday forenoon the field day sports at Merrymeeting Park took a large number, every car from Lewiston being packed.

50 Years Ago, 1954

Sunday was just another fine day as far as Shoe City residents were concerned. No fireworks displays, and little other activity added up to a quiet Independence Day, quite different from years past. Auburn citizens were offered gala fireworks displays at Pettengill Park in some recent years but City Manager Bernal B. Allen and Chief of Police Alton E. Savage, ruled out any further such displays. This action was taken following an accident with a “dud” in which an Auburn youth lost his hand. It was a “safe and sane” Fourth of July in Lewiston. It was difficult to find any activity of any sort throughout the city. Few persons were on the streets and motor vehicles were few and far between except late at night when motorists began returning from the beaches and the usual holiday tours.

25 Years Ago, 1979

Patriotism in America, which usually swells during time of war or national emergency apparently is becoming an outdated emotion. Recent events such as the Vietnam War, the Watergate scandal and the energy crisis have left some Americans wondering whether their country has fulfilled the standards set by its founding fathers. Lewiston residents also are questioning the country’s present course, which has led to a rapid drop in international prestige. The Sun asked several people if they thought patriotism in America is dying. Most of those who responded said that nationalistic emotion appears to be on the way out. Their views are shared by many Americans who are disillusioned with the government’s inability to solve such basic issues as the energy crisis. Recent surveys show the nation’s leaders have not captured the respect of most Americans.

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