LEWISTON – Plans are under way for the Lewiston High School 20-year class reunion. The year 1984 hosted one of the largest graduating classes, 440, at Lewiston High School.

The reunion is planned for Saturday, Oct. 9, at Lost Valley in Auburn. Invitations will be sent out during August. Many classmates are still missing. Anyone having information concerning their whereabouts can e-mail [email protected] or contact Lisa Samson-Cesare at 783-9878. The committee is seeking the following:

Meagan Allen Bates, Michael Annoloro, Joseph Baldiga, Daniel Beaule, John Beaulieu, Lisa Beaulieu, Marie Begin, Raymond Belanger, Donna Belanger, Peter Bell, Gary Bergeron, Julie Bergeron, Diane Bishop, Angela Bisson, Ken Bissonette, Jeff Blais, Roger Boily, Ron Boisvert.

Also, Paul Bosse, Debra Boulet Bosse, Celeste Boutin, Gerard Breton, Kathy Brown, Paul Carrigan, Suzane Chamaillard, Paul Cote, Douglas Cote, Robert Cote, Christine Cote Finch, Joseph Coty, Merlin Cray, Jason Cyr, Roland Cyr, Lori Denis, Stephen Dennis, Richard Dube, Andrew Dumont, Angela Duplissis, Jeff Foss, Roland Fournier, Steve Frahm, John Frank, Annette Frechette, Joan Gauthier, Susanne Gauthier, James Gilbert, John Gosselin, Brian Green, Debbie Grenier, Sue Harlow Sleeper.

Also, Carla Holmes, Sherri Jacobs, Sylvia Karageorge, Kenneth Fitzherbert, Ann Labbe, Lee Lacroix, Dan Laflamme, Sharon Laplante, Brian Lavoie, Carole Leblanc, Dave Leriche, Venise Lessard, Julie Lunt, Tammy Maheux, Rita Marquis, Steve Marquis, Michelle Martin, Michelle Mazeralle, John McAvoy, Mark McClain, David McKeone, William McLaughlin, Robert Michaud, Robert Michel, Debra Miquelong, Paul Morin, Rachel Morrissette, Jeanne O’Connell, Lisa Ouellette, John Ouellette, Theresa Ouellette.

Also, Julie Paradis, Michael Parker, Mary Jo Pelletier, Margaret Pelletier, Raymond Pessant, Roger Poulin, Jennifer Powers, Jane Quimby, Michel R. Mathieu, Joseph Rando, Chris Rivard, Joanne Rogers Smilek, David Rossignol, Roxanne Roux, Maurice Roy, Frank Rubino, Jackie Sanzone, George Saucier.

Also, David Saucier, Scott Sequin, Michael Smith, Lisa St. Jean, Paul St. Pierre, Katherine Tajeda, Lisa Theberge, Michelle Therrien, Lynn Thibault, Debbie Verreault, Sue Wall, Tina Whitmore, Janice Gauthier, Roxanne Boutin Caron, Lisa Breton Lacroix, Patrick Clabby, Rhonda Couturier.

Also, Katherine Everett Mercier, Nona Fisher Racine, Lori Grant Mathers, Sharee Heurtz Tomaselli, Judy Levesque, Leriche, Debbie Longchamps, Troy Markee, Albert McKeone, Kevin Milliken, Linda Mortensen, Peter Paradis, Rodney Phillips, Darcy Stoodley Brady, Tammy Strout Lagasse.

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