BETHEL – Telstar Middle School awards were presented on June 11.

Grade eight

Principal’s Award: Kelsey Gamble.

Dean’s Award: Ashley Brown.

American Legion School Award: Matt Farrington, Abbie Cummings.

Secretary of State’s Citizenship Award: Andy Whitney.

Most Outstanding Academic Students: Jessie Yasko and Mark Emerson.

Best All-Around Students: Bailey Davis and Jonathon Parsons.

Accelerated Reader Award: Samantha McAvoy and Mark Emerson.

Grade seven

Principal’s Award: Brianna Douglas.

Dean’s Award: Katlyn Keane.

Most Outstanding Academic Students: Lisa Piccirillo and Brian Annis.

Best All-Around Students: Jennifer Aldrich and Ben Cross.

Accelerated Reader Award: Elizabeth Meisner and Will Chapman.

Grade six

Principal’s Award: Kira Szalma.

Dean’s Award: Joel Putnam.

Team 1 Most Outstanding Academic Students: Amber Davis and Nick Stuer.

Best All-Around Students: Troy Murphy and Karyn Penley.

Accelerated Reader Award: Amber Davis and Nick Stuer.

Team 2 Most Outstanding Academic Students: Tommy Conroy and Megan Bonney.

Best All-Around Students: Michael McKnight and Stephanie Savage.

Accelerated Reader Award: Devon Grover, Amy Jane Mahar, Tyler Aldrich.

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