LISBON FALLS – The Lisbon High School honor roll for the fourth quarter is announced:

Grade nine

High honors: Allison Faulk, Kelsey LeGloahec, Jeff Mercer, Colleen Weddle.

Honors: Heather Obie, Bethany Williams.

Grade 10

High honors: Candice Avery, Rebecka Beal, Kaleb Boucher, Angelica Estes*, Rachelle Henry, Eric Jeffords, Emily Law, Soleil Mathieu*, Kayla Pelletier*.

Honors: Keith Bickford, Kelley Curtis.

Grade 11

High honors: Turner Huston, Nissa Marenius, Chelsea McMaster*.

Honors: Kimberly Campbell, Alycia Eaton, Samantha Hayslip, Kristen Piche, Jennifer Russell-Bickford.

Grade 12

High honors: Lynn Adams, Amber Baxter, Kristi Burnham, Caitlin Cummings, Margaret Gellatly, Dominique Mathieu, Gregory Roy, Kelly Violette, Ashley Wells.

Honors: Becky Castonguay, James Couture, Alison Gamage, Robin Littlefield, Derek Roy, Anthony Sellers, Ryan Strout.

* All A’s

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