News has been received that the Giant Beaupre who was on exhibition in Lewiston about a year ago died at his home in Montreal recently.

Beaupre was truly a giant. He was the largest and most powerful specimen of manhood ever seen in Lewiston. He was an intelligent conversationalist and during his stay in the Spindle City gave The Sun an interview discussing freely and intelligently his experiences in the various places that he had visited. He was a native of Montreal and spoke both French and English fluently. He had acquaintances in Lewiston.

50 Years Ago, 1954

This Auburn policeman should have stayed in bed. Officer Howard W. Ireland had a day off from official duties. He had planned to work in the family garden. And he was up bright and early. One look at the peas, corn, and potatoes shocked him. A deer had visited the Coburn Street residence during the night and tore up the place. So Ireland, somewhat dejected, spent the day cleaning up. Ireland has the animals foot prints – his hunting weapon’s all greased up – and he’s just awaiting for the hunting season to arrive so he can get revenge.

25 Years Ago, 1979

Like the industrious ants of the fables, these youthful carpenters and their adult supervisors worked busily at the John Kirwan residence, replacing a worn out porch with a sturdy new one, much to the delight of Mrs. Kirwan and her 83-year-old husband who is presently a resident at the Lovelett home in Auburn.

Working by crews in half-day shifts, the young people from Livermore and North Turner are involved in this project with Phil Vacher, the director of the housing program sponsored by the Rural Community Action Ministry.

The workforces include Bill Tanous, Jay Jackson, and David Libby of North Turner in the mornings; Randy Hammond, David Heird, Robbie Boothby, and Mel Capen of Livermore in the afternoon; a Livermore Falls High teacher Byron Bean and his wife Nancy, Rev. Richard Link of Bedford, N.H., and Mary Summers, a divinity student from New Jersey.

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