Dear Sun Spots: In the month of June, there was an article from a reader wanting information on Phyllis Brown. She lived in Lewiston at one time. I have misplaced the article and would greatly appreciate your repeating it.

Thank you so much. – Marilyn Kilgore, No Town.

Answer: The following request appeared June 24:

Can you tell me anything about the present-day existence and/or name of Lewiston native Phyllis Brown, who dated Gerald Ford from 1937 to 1940 or 1941 and later became a model in New York? I am working on a book on American presidents and the theater, and it was she who introduced him to Broadway shows and the opera while they were dating. I would like to interview her or anyone who knew them well when they were dating. I would greatly appreciate any help/direction anyone can give me on this. I can be reached via e-mail at [email protected] Thank you. – Thomas A. Bogar, Washington, D.C.

Dear Sun Spots: Have you ever come across a pair of shears like the ones I’ve included a drawing of? I think it has something to do with the haberdashery industry but I’m not sure. It’s pretty old. It’s marked H. Boker & Co. – M. O’Brien, No Town.

Answer: You should contact Dan Poulin of Orphan Annie’s, 96 Court St., Auburn, (207) 782-0638 to see if he might be able to assist you in learning more about these shears.

In the meantime, you might be interested in noting that:

Hermann and Robert Boeker, for example, began production of sabers in 1829 in Remscheid, Germany. By 1830, this firm was producing up to 2,000 swords per week and employed more than 100 smiths, grinders and laborers.

Later, Hermann Boeker would emigrate to the United States and found H. Boeker & Co. in New York. Robert brought the Boeker company to Canada and Mexico in 1865.

In 1869, Heinrich Boeker moved the short distance to Solingen, Germany, which was fast becoming a hotbed for industrial tool production. He founded Heinr. Boeker and Co., which produced shaving blades, scissors and pocketknives. As the overseas demand for pocketknives grew, Heinr. Boeker and Co. began to produce more pocketknives and fewer scissors and razors.

As early as the turn of the century, the majority of Boeker knives have been exported to the United States and distributed by H. Boker & Co. in New York.

Dear Sun Spots: You have helped me so much in the past. I need more help.

I would like to know what I may use to clean a pewter lamp. I would also like to find someone who does snow blowing of driveways in the winter. Thank you so much. – C.G. No Town.

Answer: Sun Spots uses Brasso for her pewter, brass and copper cleaning. Perhaps other readers have some tips they might like to share with you also.

In the meantime, regarding your second question: Contact Dean Hinkley of Wales who does odd jobs, such as repairs, mowing, tree trimming, painting, snowplowing and painting. You can reach him at (207) 375-6163.

Dear Sun Spots: Last year, a man called saying he had the yellow floribunda double roses that send out shoots. If he reads this, please call me at (207) 377-8814. Or if anyone else has the double yellow rose that grows in a bush and spreads rapidly because it sends out shoots that grow into new bushes, please call me. Thank you. – Joyce Buck, Winthrop.

• Those interested in attending the Edward Little High School Class of ’74’s 30th reunion on Aug. 6 cannot pay at the door unless they’ve first notified the organizers. Please contact Nancy Morin at (207) 784-2085 or at (207) 998-2485 to advise if you’ll be attending. Catering numbers have to be provided to the hotel prior to the event.

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