Dear Sun Spots: I want to know why Telstar’s 2004 graduation was never on television, on Channel 2. It has always been televised in years past. – A Concerned Parent, No Town.

Answer: Sun Spots spoke with Channel 2’s public access’ studio manager, Lainey Cross, who says it couldn’t be televised because they didn’t have a live feed. Cross says what was filmed hasn’t been edited yet. You should note that those working in the studio are volunteers and many have had busy summer schedules. Rest assured, however. Cross says it will be televised once editing is finished. In the meantime, you and other interested parents might want to order a copy of the videotape, which should be released some time soon. The tape costs $10 and you can request a copy by calling the station at (207) 824-4123 or by mailing a check to: Channel 2 Public Access, 284 Walker’s Mills Road, Bethel, ME 04217.

Dear Sun Spots: The Edward Little High School Class of 1980 is looking for all classmates who are interested in the planning of our upcoming 25th class reunion in 2005. A meeting is scheduled for Monday, Aug. 2, at 6 p.m. If you are a classmate and have suggestions or comments, or would like to help, we would love to see you there. If you know someone who was in the class of 1980, please tell them. Contact Eileen (Violette) Pelletier at (207) 782-0672 or Louise (Carrier) Robinson at (207) 998-3212. – Deb (Heroux) Bradbury, Lewiston.

Dear Sun Spots: You’ve helped me in the past and I need the answer to this one ASAP!

I have ruined my brand-new linen slacks with citronella wax (oily). It has left a dark spot. How can I remove it? – B.S., No Town.

Answer: Try hardening with ice, then remove surface wax with a dull knife. Place wax stain between clean paper towels and press with a warm iron. Replace paper towels regularly to absorb more wax and to prevent transfer of the stain. Place stain face down on clean paper towels. Sponge remaining stain with a pre-wash stain remover and blot with paper towels. Let dry, then launder. Note: If any color remains, re-launder with a color-safe bleach.

Another option is to place the stained area between two pieces of white blotting paper and press with a warm (not hot) iron. Change the paper as it absorbs the stain. This stain can easily spread, so use care while pressing. On color-fast fabrics, white cotton or linen, try pouring boiling water through the stain. Allow to dry. If any trace remains, flush with dry-cleaning fluid. If any dye remains, sponge with 1 part rubbing alcohol mixed with 2 parts water. (Do not use this solution on acrylic or modacrylic fabric.) Rinse well with clear water and dry.

You can also contact the Bible Bookstore, 945 Center St., Auburn (207) 783-0687, to purchase candle wax remover. They are currently all out of this product, but can get it for you. There are a number of other products available on the market for wax removal. It is recommended that you test all products on inconspicuous areas and carefully follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

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