At the Socialist caucus held in their headquarters on Lisbon street, Lewiston, last evening, the following candidates were nominated for the legislature: W. E. Pelsey, George B. Baker, Joseph Phenix and Alvah E. Coombs. The attendance was very small and there was little enthusiasm. One Auburn man says he is going to lock up his store Saturday night and spend Sunday at the sea-shore as this will be the first chance for a little vacation he has had this summer. But he thinks that the surest way for confectioners to be given the right to keep open Sundays is to obey the law to the letter for the people thus discomfited will demand its repeal or non-enforcement.

50 Years Ago, 1954

Seventeen young men from the Twin City area left for Ft. Williams in Portland by bus to join the armed services, reported Joseph Curran, chairman of the local Selective Service Board. Six volunteers were in the group. The group left Portland by train for New York, and will report at Ft. Dix this morning. The national draft call was about 23,000 and this is similar to the last new months.

25 Years Ago, 1979

According to eye witness reports, the Auburn Public Library is teeming with life this summer, teeming with insect life, that is, as well as the human variety. Brilliant iridescent, blue/green-winged butterflies from Brazil and Guyana have been seen clinging to the walls of the lobby display case, while gigantic African beetles and even a large, black scorpion, from Malaysia have been reported in the same vicinity. The insects are mounted in frames or under bell jars. They are part of the library’s recent exhibit by James Nutting.

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