An exciting runaway occurred on Spring street, Lewiston, one morning this week. A woman wheeling a baby carriage was a the top of the hill when her shoe lacing became untied. Stooping down to tie it, she let go of the carriage and before she was able to stop it the carriage was going down the hill faster than she could run. The carriage with a small three-year-old in it lustily yelling kept the sidewalk for some distance and then went over the embankment, throwing the little one out. Fortunately the child was not injured.

Some of our citizens are expressing themselves as glad that the Sunday laws are to be enforced and wish further that the law could be so extended that everyone could be forced to attend church.

50 Years Ago, 1954

When the officials at Bates College count noses this fall they expect to come up with a student enrollment of a little more than 800. The total, which is the same as for last fall, was announced yesterday by Dr. Charles L. Phillips, the college president. The “goal” enrollment of the college is 775 students. About 260 students, 150 men and 110 women, will enter Bates in the freshman class, while more than 540 students in the other three classes will return to the campus. The incoming freshman class will include students from all the New England states and from New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Nebraska, Alabama and Maryland.

25 Years ago, 1979

The awesome upper church of SS. Peter and Paul’s is rarely used for Mass or any other purpose – its polished wood, stained glass treasures, and marble altar are encased in a soaring gothic structure which is both beautiful and difficult to maintain. An exception will be made tomorrow, when the 11:30 a.m. Mass “en francais” celebrates the 74th Anniversary of the coming of the Dominican Sisters to America.

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