Big broadcast networks’ much-vaunted summer season seems to be leaving audiences cold. Despite a flurry of new programming for the hot-weather months, reruns of regular-season shows are drawing the lion’s share of summer viewing.

What’s the most-watched show this summer?

Not one of those new programs, but rather reruns of CBS’ regular-season hit “CSI.” While “CSI” is drawing about 10 million fewer viewers than during the regular season, with a summer audience of 14.4 million viewers, it’s the most-watched series since the regular season ended in May.

And it’s got a lot of company.

Nine of the top-rated shows this summer are reruns of regular-season programs. The lone exception is CBS’ “Amazing Race 5,” at No. 9, which routinely has done well in the past.

The rest of the top five shows in the ratings (all on CBS) are, in descending order: “Without a Trace,” “CSI: Miami,” “Two and a Half Men” and “Everybody Loves Raymond.” “Two and a Half Men,” which stars Charlie Sheen and Jon Cryer, is network TV’s top-drawing comedy this summer.

“It seems like people are finding the show who didn’t see it the first time,” said executive producer Chuck Lorre. “We don’t take it for granted. It’s a very hard thing to do anymore.”

After “Amazing Race 5,” the highest-ranked new show of the summer is Fox’s “The Simple Life 2,” which is No. 12 overall, followed by Tuesday’s telecasts of CBS’ “Big Brother 5” at No. 13.

Here’s a look at some of the new series winners and losers this summer:


-NBC, “Last Comic Standing 2.” This reality comedy-search series is drawing 8.3 million viewers an episode, good enough to make it the No. 21 show overall. It’s also been one of the few reality shows this summer to earn good critical reviews.

-Fox, “Trading Spouses.” Though Fox executives were hammered for lifting the concept for ABC’s “Wife Swap,” the high jinks seems to have worked. Since launching, “Trading Spouses” has done very well for the network. It’s now No. 22 overall with 8.37 million viewers, and generating a lot of water-cooler chatter.

-NBC, “Who Wants to Marry My Dad, 2.” While not generating the buzz or attention of the first version, this show has averaged enough viewers to rank No. 27.


-NBC, “Next Action Star.” This reality show contest failed to generate much action in the Nielsen department, drawing a paltry 4.33 million viewers.

-ABC, “The Ultimate Love Test.” The network, which has scored with a dating-relationship shows in the past, came up way short with this attempt to mimic Fox’s “Temptation Island.” Just 3.74 million people tuned in.

-Fox, “The Jury.” This new drama came in with highly respected credentials – Tom Fontana and Barry Levinson, the team behind “Oz” and “Homicide” – but it failed to draw a crowd. Its audience of 3.17 million viewers earned it an early dismissal.

-WB, “Studio 7.” It’s still early, but the first two episodes of this new reality game show hosted by New York 1’s Pat Kiernan drew just 1.8 million viewers, which at any other time would mean a quick hook

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