It is understood that already the Mayor and Aldermen in Auburn are thinking seriously of making a change to the enforcement of the Sunday Laws against the confectionary stores and stands. In all probability a meeting will be held next week to reconsider the action first taken. One night this week the Mayor and two of the Aldermen had a conference in regard to the matter. People in general have appeared to believe right along that a change would soon be made. Many think that hours for keeping open will be the outcome.

50 Years Ago, 1954

Hey you home workshop guys: Here’s a chance to help your country and maybe make a pile of money. The government called for help today in solving 200 problems facing the armed services. It asked the American people to put their “vast reservoir of inventive talents” to work getting the answers. The list assembled by the National Inventor’s Council, headed by one of the nation’s top scientists, Charles F. Kettering of General Motors Corp., includes 70 new problems along with 130 that have gone unsolved for some time. The things the armed forces need vary anywhere from sponge-like tires that won’t go flat, a more efficient gasoline hose nozzle to prevent wasteful drip, and a way to eliminate noise from rocket propulsion.

25 Years Ago, 1979

Oxford County Sheriff Alton Howe said Sunday night that with the exception of a few odds and ends the move into the new jail has been completed. He noted with a sigh of relief, he was glad it was over. On Saturday 22 inmates were marched from the old 84-year-old facility to their new quarters with Sheriff Howe leading them. They were also accompanied by chief jailer Ernest Martin and correction officer Eugene Lasselle. As each group of inmates entered the new jail they were sealed in the multi-purpose room to await instructions from the sheriff. Before entering their new cells, each was attired in a new blue outfit.

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