PORTLAND (AP) – A Sebago couple who found a missing 71-year-old Westbrook man on a rugged mountain were searching the area after reading a newspaper report about the man’s disappearance.

Glen and Kris Lang didn’t know Leo Guinard. But they knew the trails on Peaked Mountain in Sebago, where Guinard was thought to have gone last Saturday.

The Langs know the Peaked Mountain trails from riding them on their all-terrain vehicles, so they decided to ride up after work on Thursday and look around.

Two hours of combing the woods turned up nothing, and Kris, 35, and Glen, 43, started down the mountain as it was growing dark. Then Kris told Glen: “We’ve got to try one more time. Let’s go back.”

They turned around and spotted tire tracks on an overgrown path they had passed over shortly beforehand. Glen forced his ATV in about 40 yards, where he found a weak, tired and wet Guinard lying on his side with his cane.

“When he saw me, he raised his hand and hollered, Help,”‘ Lang said. “He’s a brave individual.”

Guinard had been last seen when he left home to visit a friend who works in a garage. The friend wasn’t there so Guinard, an avid outdoorsman and former hunter, decided to go up to Peaked Mountain in Sebago to see a beaver dam and look for deer tracks.

Late in the afternoon, Guinard started backing his truck up a trail when he got into some mud that turned him sideways.

He was stuck without food, without water and without a cell phone. He also didn’t have his insulin for his diabetes, or any of his 11 other medications.

He spent Saturday night in the truck. “It was a little chilly but not too bad,” Guinard said.

On Sunday morning, he grabbed his cane, determined to walk out to a road. He managed to get most of the way, but tripped and fell. Guinard, 5 feet, 9 inches tall and about 225 pounds, said he didn’t injure himself, but simply couldn’t get up.

“It’s a funny thing,” Guinard told the Portland Press Herald as he lay in a hospital bed at Maine Medical Center in Portland. “I don’t pray a lot, but I prayed to be found that night and it was only a half hour later that that guy found me.”

Guinard said he was so happy to see Lang that “I could have kissed him.”

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