RANDOLPH (AP) – One man was arrested and a second man was being sought while grocery shoppers were credited with foiling a holdup at Goggin’s IGA.

Sheriff Everett Flannery said the motive was drug-related.

“The citizens here really came to the rescue to help stop these thieves,” said night manager Daniel Albert.

Late Friday afternoon, two men allegedly walked behind the pharmacy counter at the front of the store, brandished a hammer and forced pharmacists to the floor. After hearing a woman scream for help, a customer confronted the men.

One jumped over the counter and ran out of the building while several people tackled the other to the floor and pinned him down until police arrived.

A Kennebec County Sheriff’s deputy, Officer Jason Johnson , arrested Joshua Nimon, 23, of Pittston, and charged him with assault and robbery.

Flannery said the second suspect fled in a green 1995 Volkswagen.

“The guy actually drove around to the front of the building and beeped his horn for his buddy to come out who was being held down by a customer and myself,” Albert said.

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