When I think of a hero, I think of you.

I describe you though, as others would not do.

You’re my map when I am lost

so I can find my way.

You are my crutch when I fall down

so that I get right back up,

I’m a butterfly, you’re my wings

helping me fly.

I am a boat and you’re the sea

keeping me afloat.

You are the sun and I am a plant;

your rays of light help me grow.

As my doctor, you heal me

when I am sad or hurt,

And another thing you are is my teacher,

You teach me of the world so I will understand

and so that when it becomes time for me to

be the teacher, then I will do it well.

I finish by thanking you

for being there for me.

I am deeply grateful.

You are my hero. Hooray!

I give you my applause.

By Chelsea McCormick

Tripp Middle School

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