By Emily Hunter • Tripp Middle School

Here you are Grandma,

There you are Grandma,

You are doing it again Grandma,

You’re being my hero.

Did you know? Can you tell?

You are my influence, my protector, my coach.

My secret partner, my pal, my hope.

You’re the giver of guidance, answers and truth,

You’re being my hero.

You’re my defense to giving up,

You’re my encouragement to experiences,

You’re my humor to defeat sadness,

You’re my goal to impress.

Oh you’re doing it still,

You’re being my hero.

What is your secret, how are you, you?

You are everything you can be and much more.

You’re a volunteer, a teacher, a mother, and supporter,

Can anyone match you, is it possible?

No, because,

You’re being my hero.

I don’t even have to speak, because you always know,

As if you can read me from my head to my toe.

All I have to say is “Hi Grandma” and there you go,

You’re being my hero.

When I have anything in need, maybe not,

There you will be waiting and thinking,

How you do it I will never know,

I arrive and there you go!

“Hi Grandma”

Oh you are doing it again, did you know?

Can you see now and realize

You’re being my hero!

Thank You Grandma!

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