You only see me as I appear I’m deeper than you think

Expectations trap me I don’t know what to do

Take a good look Do you see what’s inside me?

Of course you don’t You don’t see the real me

You’re blind to it You choose not to see

Just like the rest of them I’m tired of conforming I’m not being true

See me behind closed doors and you’ll see the real me

A real person With feelings, wants, and needs

My heart is beating faster You still don’t see me

If you don’t look quick I might disappear

The window is slowly closing act now before I’m gone

To late. You missed your chance

The opportunity only comes once Your turn is done

I’m not gonna waste my time trying The next person awaits me

Maybe they’ll see what you missed something that you’ll never know…

the real me!

By Jennifer Russell-Bickford

Oak Hill High School

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