Hush please.

For there is fire up ahead.

Soon you will all be deader than a head.

As they walked there shadowy

Barefeet crept along the

ancient path of death.

As the sunder was dripping

Apple cores fell from the

ceiling. Bless the Lord!

I said as there was

fire in my breath.

And heat in my hair which was

rising from the dead.

My Aunt was rising

with her pits all hairy and

Freckles on her face.

She crept from the

dead and broke

My separate of dead.

For there is a balloon

man ahead,


Zip your mouths a

closed and listen

to the dead!!

For we have spirit

how bout’ you.

The moon was Mirroring of

the shadowy, Fearing, weeping and

barefoot toes!

People where melting for

the purple mourn was

getting then.

People were screaming for

needles were stabbing them!

I was closes to the grassiest most

greenest part of the lake.

Shells were knocking in my head,

living with the dead

was a secret to be leaping upon.

The lonely heart was

having a sense that snapdragons

were attacking her.

The clouds where whispering to us

with the sense

that we would only be flying

for 10 more minutes.

upon us we heard the willow

seek haystack

are falling. For everyone was


By Kacie Butcher

Tripp Middle School

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