Regarded as treacherous and flighty, the whiny 21-year-old was your top pick to get booted off the island. In the first episode, Eliza betrayed her mates because she feared they might make her a target. It doesn’t appear she has won her way back into the hearts of her “Survivor” Vanuatu” peers or Sun Journal readers.

A law student and island drama queen, Eliza snagged seven – or 84 percent – of your votes as the most likely candidate to get the heave-ho. Rory, whom half of you guessed would get the boot last week, came away with 15 votes. Of course, you’ve had it in for Rory from the start.

Eliza 7 36.84%

Brady 3 15.79%

Rory 3 15.79%

Leann 2 10.53%

Ami 1 5.26%

Lea 1 5.26%

Lisa 1 5.26%

Twila 1 5.26%

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