Manager Albert H. Davison of the Lewiston office of J.J. Quinian & Co., stock brokers, Boston, is soon to open several branch offices in this district. One of these offices will be opened in Livermore Falls, under charge of Merritt E. Gould of that place. Another exchange will shortly be opened in Lisbon Falls, under charge of Fred K. Small of that town. As soon as arrangements can be made other branch offices will be opened within a radius of 35 miles, making Lewiston the headquarters.

50 Years Ago, 1954

The big wheels in “America’s fastest growing industry” rolled into town today with the big news: Thanks to the splendid example set long ago by Tutti-Frutti, more and more of us buy our soft drinks, sandwiches, milk, ice and our candy by plopping our money into vending machines. The National Automatic Merchandising Assn. (six members in 1936, 147 members in 1945 and 1,2000 now) is holding its 19th convention.

25 Years Ago, 1979

Tuesday’s autumn flurries set a record for the earliest snowfall ever measured in the Lewiston area, and also left many area residents without power for short periods of time because nature was unprepared for the storm. Until yesterday, the earliest date for snowfall was Oct. 12, recorded in 1904. Although in 1965 a trace of snow fell on Oct. 4.

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