AUBURN – Belinda Gerry is seeking election to the House District 69 seat. The new district comprises the heart of Auburn, New Auburn and the area surrounding the downtown.

Gerry is a former independent state representative, having served in the old House District 73.

Recently, as she has gone door-to-door to meet people and talk to them, several issues have come up that Gerry feels need to be addressed:

• Services and programs for the elderly and veterans ought to have full funding restored, she says. Services such as home-based care, Meals on Wheels and lower-cost prescription drugs are vital because they allow seniors to stay in their own homes instead of being forced to go to nursing homes.

• The tax system needs to be overhauled because as taxes go up, families and businesses are compelled to leave the state because people can’t afford to live here, Gerry says.

• The state’s young people are still leaving the state because of the lack of good-paying jobs. Gerry says the state needs to do all it can to encourage new business, not discourage it. Currently, tax breaks are given only to large corporations, and she says this needs to be changed to include small businesses as well.

Gerry currently serves on the Auburn City Council. She said she feels she could more effectively fulfill the needs of the city and its people if re-elected to the council and elected to the Legislature.

Meeting the needs of her constituents, city government and being an active voice in Augusta are her top priorities.

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