FARMINGTON – The Franklin County Animal Shelter staff would like the public to meet Kayla. She is a special girl with a sad story. Kayla came to the shelter at the end of August with six of her K-9 friends. All seven dogs had been left abandoned by their owner, with no food, water, shelter or anyone to look after them.

Some were underweight, all were filthy and some were flea infested. But amazingly, the staff said, all were affectionate and accepting of the staff upon arrival, with the exception of their sweet Kayla.

When Kayla came to them, she cowered in the back corner of her kennel, growling and shaking like a leaf. She has made an amazing improvement since those first few days and now, she anxiously greets staff at the front of her kennel, tail wagging, ears perked and tongue ready for kissing cheeks. The knowledge that she is finally able to love and trust the staff makes Kayla dear to their hearts.

Sadly, she still shies away from strangers and there are many issues that she needs to face. She spooks easily and cowers at loud noises and sudden movements. Kayla, they feel, will need a special someone to help her move past this traumatic stage of her life.

They feel she would do best in a calm, quiet home where daily life is regular and routine. She does well with her kennel mate and a dog friend at her new home may be beneficial to helping her come out of her shell. She walks well on a leash and would benefit from daily walks that get her accustomed to new people, noises and smells.

Kayla, they said, is truly a “diamond in the rough” kind of gal and has so much potential. She is going to need lots of TLC and attention, which she has gone so long without yet deserves, and they wonder if someone will be the one to give it to her.

New dogs at the shelter include an old male shorthaired collie mix with collar found in Weld, a young male black lab mix with collar found in Jay and a male golden retriever with collar found in Jay.

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