The Sun Journal is running a program called the Academic Advocate for junior high and high school. In this program, the students will have the privilege to write an article in their own words about events that take place in the community such as the school issues and major events that happen in the U.S. that would make an appropriate news story and would effect the minds of the readers. In their articles, they will express their opinions giving them a chance to speak and comment about the things they feel strongly about.

For every school in the Androscoggin county area, there is a faculty advisor. Our advisor is Karen J. Downing. The advisor is the only person that can contact the Advocate editor, Leo Baillargeon. The meetings are held weekly. These students will have the opportunity to take photos for their stories. The photos may be black & white or can also be color. Before passing in an article written by a student, the advisor must edit for content and clarity and check for spelling and grammar. The students are given a deadline and should meet all these expectations. The students are awarded prizes based on the number of articles passed in.

At the end of the year, a banquet is held for the students who submitted at least three articles at a local school. There are two art issues, one pinted in January, and the other in May. The most valuable award is called the “Johnny Robinson” award. This award is given to the most hard working and outstanding student. Our students at Elm Street school received four honorable mention awards last year. The students will gain experience in professional writing.

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