It isn’t a particularly thrilling feeling when you fill your backpack will school supplies only days after returning from summer camp. Yet that was what happened to me. The mercury rose just a little more inside a thermometer on Wednesday, August 18th. It was a beautiful sun shining day during summer vacation. Except it was not summer vacation. Not for the students at St. Dominic Regional High School. While students at almost any other given high school were outside swimming, tanning, or doing any other thing besides being educated.

Upon arrival at school, I thought I would feel odd to be returning, but I didn’t. I said hi to all my friends that I hadn’t seen for a while and things seemed to be normal. It was almost disappointing that nothing had changed. It seemed as if we had a long weekend and were back at school. The only thing that appeared noticeably different was my locker, as this year it was on the first floor.

The only restitution I felt was that in June, I would be out of school hopefully by the first week. This seems to be a fair deal for returning to school so early.

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