PARIS – Susan Jennings, University of Maine Cooperative Extension educator in Oxford County, invites anyone interested to form a 4-H youth club. She can be reached at 743-6329 or 1-800-287-1482.

Four-H is designed to focus on the interest areas of the young people and volunteers involved. Each project or subject is self-directed and pursued by each individual at their own pace.

Four-H does not make requirements on fund-raising, dues or financial obligations. Clubs may set their own dues, or plan fund-raisers, pick projects, how often and where they meet.

The group has guidelines for safety and carries insurances to protect leaders and members. It is open to all youth ages 5 to 18, but also allows for age appropriate clubs and activities.

Clubs can begin with as few as four members and start slowly with as few as eight meetings a year. Four-H provides books, resources and materials free to 4-H volunteers, and it encourages clubs to partner with local resources such as community centers, other clubs and nonprofits.

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