In the spring toward the end of every high school year we say goodbye to the senior class. While walking through the halls in school after they have graduated it is obvious the feel of the school is much different. Not only have a number of students left, but also the leaders of the school have moved on. It is apparent with only three remaining classes present that there is a space to be filled. In the fall the space is filled by the incoming freshmen. I decided to interview Michelle Patenaude, a freshman this year at St. Dominic’s Regional High School, to find out how her first few weeks of high school have been.

How have your first few weeks at St. Dom’s High School been?

“Pretty good. I have met a bunch of nice people, the teachers are really understanding and kind which has helped through these first weeks, and will continue to do so the rest of the year.”

What are the major differences between middle school and high school?

“In high school you don’t have as much time in between classes, there’s more work and there are also more people.”

Has having older siblings made it easier for you to adjust?

“Yeah, because if I get lost or have any questions I can go to them for help. I have met other upper classmen through them as well who can help me out.”

Is there anything else that has helped you adjust?

“Just meeting as many people as possible and being myself.”

What do you like about school?

“There are a lot more people, no matter where I go I know someone. I don’t have to wear a uniform anymore, and I have more independence.”

Is there anything you wish could be changed about High School?

“Definitely more time in between classes and I think the teachers are way too strict on giving detentions.”

What extra-curricular activities would you like to get involved with?

“I’m getting involved with yearbook, drama, and I ride horseback outside of school.”

As you can see Michelle’s first month or so of school has gone quite well. Even though high school and middle school are very diverse her adjustment at St. Dom’s has been rather easy. For freshmen, the first quarter of high school can seem intimidating at times, but the key to alleviate that pressure is to make a lot of friends and get involved by joining clubs. By doing so, the stage is set for a successful year, which will lead to a prosperous high school career.

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