Something useful and helpful or something to fight with? When polled, ninety-nine percent of the student body says that they like the laptops.

“I like the laptops. They are easier than pen and paper when doing writing prompts. They are also easier to use than textbooks when finding information on projects since we are linked to the Internet,” says 14-year-old Krystyn Girardin. As in many cases the students agree with Girardin, but some don’t like the laptops.

“These laptops are harder to use than regular resources where you have to find the information the hard way,” one student replied when asked if they liked laptops. They think that sometimes because a program will just quit without warning, or sometimes a file may be lost because of a virus that textbooks and pen and paper are still better than laptops.

Students in the seventh and eighth grade interviews wanted to change some of the rules and regulations featured with the laptops. “We like the laptops, but we want to change some of the things about it,” said Jen Baril and Jessica Chinnock. “We want to have use of our DVD player that’s on our laptops. Also a change everyone would like to see is we don’t want ‘Bess’ and ‘Sonic Wall’ interfering with all kinds of searches that we have to do when it involves pictures.”

So now I ask the public are laptops something great that everyone should have, or is it a piece of equipment that never works right? You decide.

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