Red and yellow make orange. Straight lines and jagged edges make variety. True passion for the arts and a genuine love for teaching makes the Maine Art Educator of the Year. Lisbon High School is proud to say that we have that individual among us. This year, Ms. Pamela Ouellette, one of the art teachers here at LHS, was honored with this title. Her talents and abilities both artistically and educationally have been recognized after a lot of hard work and dedication to this school.

Ms. Ouellette is one of the most influential teachers in our school. The art field is so broad, and can be taught in so many ways, but no one does it better. Our ideas are taken, and with her guidance, made into something that even the artists are surprised by. Never is anything a mess up in her class. It is only something that gives the piece more character. Her talents come out through her students by her example and influence. The halls of Lisbon High are filled with pen and ink drawing, paintings, and self portraits that the artists can be proud of. She effects our art in the best way possible, because the main jist of the piece is us, with a bit of input here and there, to make the perfect masterpiece.

Not only is Ms. Ouellette a teacher here at Lisbon High, she is also the advisor of the Outing Club. She gets our kids involved in fun things like shopping trips to Boston, hiking trips to Bar Harbor, and so much more. She goes above and beyond because she cares about her students and wants them to have fun while they are here. Ms. Ouellette’s classroom is the afterschool and study hall hangout because the atmosphere is so relaxed, yet you know what you have come to do. You know that when your piece is done, it is going to be something that you are proud of.

“Ms. Ouellette is a great teacher”, says Kalie Sears, a junior at Lisbon. “Even though art isn’t my favorite subject, she makes it fun by doing projects that really teach you the lesson but are fun too. I had her two years ago for art foundations, and I am back again this year for photography. So far its been great, and I am really excited to get some good pictures taken.”

Ms. Ouellette is a strong influence on many students here. She guides the artistically, academically, and is there for them even if they just want to stop in to say hello. There are no discouraging words heard, just constructive ideas. She is there for us when we need her, and the title of Maine Art Educator of the Year truly fits her. Just the right amount of variety is included in her, and it makes her a masterpiece that has yet to be outdone.

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