LITCHFIELD – When Ryan Quinn was in eighth grade, he answered a series of questions for the profile that would run next to his picture in Carrie Ricker Middle School yearbook.

He identified his favorite song as “Lose Yourself” by Eminem. His life’s ambition was to become a professional basketball player, and his favorite food was that of a growing boy: potatoes, steak and corn.

He was also asked who he admired most. While some students gave a long list, including famous celebrities and musicians, Quinn’s answer was simple: “My parents.”

The son of Robert and Dorothy Quinn of Litchfield, Ryan Quinn was killed early Tuesday after crashing a stolen car into a telephone pole while being chased by police.

Quinn was 15, a sophomore at Oak Hill High School.

Pat Doyle, the principal of the high school, described him as a sweet, quiet kid with an unforgettable smile.

News of Quinn’s death reached Oak Hill High School just before classes ended Tuesday. A grief counselor from Tri-County Mental Health Services spent Wednesday at the school, meeting with students who needed to talk.

“It’s been difficult,” Doyle said. “The loss of a young life is such a tragedy.”

By Wednesday afternoon, several bouquets of roses and other flowers were placed at the scene of the crash.

The oldest in a family of three children, Quinn played basketball throughout middle school. His coach, Norm Davis, recalled how much he loved to be on the court.

“He was a pretty good boy,” Davis said.

According to Doyle, Quinn did play sports in high school.

But his family wrote in his obituary that he loved many sports, including basketball, golf, hiking and skateboarding. He also enjoyed camping and spending time with his family and friends.

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