A rumor is afloat that certain of the trustees of the Maine State Fair Association, are in favor of moving the State Fair from Lewiston. Portland has been suggested as the place favored by some for the Maine State Fair to be held, that is, if that city will offer sufficient inducements. But there are other members of the Maine State Fair trustees who fail to see what possible advantage it would be to the association to move to Portland or any other city or place in Maine. The Lewiston fair grounds are centrally located and the equipments for holding a fair are of the best. To move all of the buildings, including the exhibition hall, grand stand, stables, cottages and other buildings, would be a tremendous expense, and the more conservative believe that such a step would mean the end of the State Fair.

50 Years Ago, 1954

• The price war among filling station operators in Providence, R.I., sent gasoline to its lowest figure in years, when some stations began selling gas for 13.9 cents a gallon, a price which included the six cents in federal and state taxes.

• Rumors that another gas war was about to erupt in the Lewiston-Auburn area circulated throughout the two cities but a survey of several filling station operators failed to uncover any instances of price cutting to date. The majority of filling stations in the area were advertising regular brands at 28.9 cents a gallon with high test brands selling for 31.9 cents. These prices have been prevalent the last few months in this area.

25 Years Ago, 1979

Three weeks after they shivered and shook under a surprise attack of snow, New Englanders basked in the sun as a renewed Indian Summer brought record temperatures to the area. The mercury hit the 80s in the region’s major cities as people flocked to the beach for one last celebration of summer.

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