SOUTH PARIS – The following real estate transfers were recorded in Oxford County recently.

Jerome and Irene Perry to Nathan S. Cottle, in Oxford.

Tim Roberts to Michelle L. Painter, in Norway.

Judy Gammon and Arthur L. Verrill and Dorothy L. Hale and Nancy Cote and Helen Webb to Thomas O. Varney, in Bethel.

Frances Wobst to John F. Wironen, in Norway.

United States of America USDA Rural Development to Paul G. Thornfeldt and Pat Robitaille, in Paris.

Herbert D. and Esther F. Estes to Barbara M. Berardis, in West Paris.

Stephen Degoosh and Suzanne Dunlap to Herbert D. and Esther F. Estes, in Norway.

Gary S. and Rose M. Robbins and Glenice H. Bean to Elaine F. Armagost, in West Paris.

Herbert A. and Donna M. Kennison to Christopher and Erin Morris, in Norway.

Harry and Jayne Mathews to Bethel Inn, in Bethel.

Bethel Inn Corp. to Richard W. Beglin and David W. Berg, Michael and Donna Leblanc, Joseph F. and Margaret W. Keefe, Robert A. and Karen D. Stern, Patrick J. and Suzanne L. Connolly, Ruth E. McGrath, in Bethel.

Bernard and Louise Charest to Jenifer Adams, in Buckfield.

Alexandra G. and Adam B. Adler to Auberge of Bethel LLC, in Bethel.

Herbert W. Andrews to Scott and Linda Hill, in Norway.

Kenneth W. Kiesman and Kenneth W. Kiesman Revocable Trust of 2001 and Elizabeth A. Kiesman to Twin Town Homes Inc., in Oxford.

Janice and Ricky Perkins to Ricky Perkins and Gail L. Zachte, in Dixfield.

United States of America VA to David and Susan Bowen, in Mexico.

William O’Rourke to Maureen O’Rourke, in Woodstock.

Robert O’Rourke to Maureen O’Rourke, in Woodstock.

Phyllis Dillingham to Phyllis and Eric Dillingham, in Sumner.

Brent and Heather Stimson to Winthrop W. McCarthy, in West Paris.

David L. Niles and Jerome J. Abely to Mary A. Schwartz and Thomas A. Schwartz and Mary A. Schwartz Living Trust, in Newry.

Steven J. and Barry E. Swasey and Muriel Jean Swasey to Bruce M. and Medea D. Harris, in Andover.

R. Timothy and Cheryl W. Phoenix to James F. and Tracey Savage, in Newry.

Mountain View Real Estate Development LLC to Elizabeth K. Reed, in Newry.

Betty J. Hutchins to Wesley J. Hutchins, in Hartford.

Roger H. and Yvonne D. Roy to Daniel L. McDonald Jr. and Jessica S. McDonald, in Rumford.

Vivian Fisher and Vivian F. Fanton to Peter A. and Karen M. Toohey, in Waterford.

Clarke and Deborah A. Bayley to Edwin R. Rolfe Jr., in Waterford.

Eileen D. Cobb and Eileen D. Cobb Revocable Trust of 2001 to Perry Snow, in Newry.

Mary Louise and Mary Lou and Richard Onofrio to Julie C. and Henry W. and Jed H. Bresette, in Norway.

Herbert L. Foster to SPI LLC, in Norway.

Bruce and Janet A. Leblanc to Quentin J. and Jennifer Tardiff, in Otisfield.

Bankers Trust Company of California NA and Trina A. and Anthony R. Cote to Bankers Trust Company of California NA, in Waterford.

Bankers Trust Company of California NA to Linda J. and Philip F. Rossetti, in Waterford.

Patricia Ann Newell and Catherine Marie Breau and Christine Marie Martin to Linda A. Wilt, in Rumford.

Stephen R. McAllister to Norman J. Brulotte Jr, two real estates in Norway.

Normand J. Brulotte Jr. to Mel J. and Patricia Gardner, two real estates in Norway.

Gordon R. and Beverly B. Brown to Geoffrey Reynolds, in Woodstock.

Edward R. Daye to George Jordan in Newry.

Christopher and Helen M. Manjourides to Christopher and Helen M. Manjourides, in Woodstock.

Charles S. and Margaret I and Robert C. and Annette M. Martin to Mary P. Ellingwood, in Paris.

John F. Schott and Estate of Thomas M. Ward to Judith Ward Lessard, in Sumner.

SR Golf Holdings LLC to John W. and Linda B. Clifford, in Newry.

Leonard F. White Jr. to Barry E. Bunten, in Roxbury.

Darron L. Moyer and Donald I. Moyer to Peter M. and Keiko and Jodi S. and Molly C. Howard, in Newry.

Gary Christopher Brink and Jill C. Rundle and Chris Brink to Gary C. Brink and Jill C. Rundle, in Bethel.

Sunset Hill LLC to Gary C. Brink and Jill C. Rundle, in Bethel.

Lynne M. and Michael A. Fandetti to Peter A. and Becky M. Robichaud, in Bethel.

Cheryl R. Cabana to Oxford County Agricultural Society, in Oxford.

Robin R. Rooks and Carol Van Hoosier and Estate of Ralph G. Reed to Danville and Marlena Jack, in Buckfield.

Jacques and Andrew Dupuis to Paul R. and Paula J. Cayer, in Rumford.

Andrew Dupuis to David Dupuis, in Rumford.

Monica S. Laverdiere to Philippe E. and Gwen Pratt Gut, in Woodstock.

Ronald Ray Jackson to Ronald Ray and Christina C. Jackson, in Buckfield.

Robert J. Walker to Robert J. and Mary Lynn Walker, in Norway.

Jason A. and Joanne A. Edwards to Nicholas J. Edwards, in Otisfield.

Steve Graiver and Christopher J. Kennison and Michael Pulsifer to Wayne C. and Collie A. Svendberg, in Upton.

Betty M. Bryant to Jerry and Jeff Howland, in Paris.

Waste Management of Maine Inc. to Earnest Yap, in West Paris.

Penley Corporation to K B Management LLC, in West Paris.

Jerry E. and Linda B. Ellingwood to Jack I. and Irene M. Pike, in Norway.

Rodney E. Kimball to Bumpus Historic Mine LLC, in Albany Township.

Michael and Marguerite A. Mischak and Marguerite Myers to Marguerite and Michael and Brian M. Mischak and Sara L. Rogg, in Hartford.

SR Golf Holdings LLC to Richard and Lisa Clayton, in Newry.

SR Golf Holdings LLC to Stacey M. Edelstein, in Newry.

David Lee Tate and Joseph F. Tate Jr. and Evelyn G. Tate and Judith A Vienneau and Judy Vinneau to Randy C. Gunther, in Mexico.

Jeffrey R. and Melissa A Fagan to Stephen B. and Charlotte G. Harris, in Paris.

Jennifer A. Raudonis to Bruce D. Pinard and Tina M. Veinott, in Buckfield.

Richard William Tucker to Walter L. and Delores G. Bergman, in Hartford.

Gary Yakawonis and David T. Coady and Susanna P. Coady to Pamela A. Fisher, in Canton.

James I. Peterson to Kathryn A. and Kenneth D. Larose, in Woodstock.

Mountain View Real Estate Development LLC to James Brown and Trairs P. Soule, in Newry.

Thomas H. and Judith and Judith L. Hills to Bryan W. and Lori A. Fortin, in Bethel.

John J. Ryan III and Porter Realty Trust to Charles P. and Peter and Maria H. Holloway and Maria D. Hagigeorges, in Bethel.

Charles P. and Maria H. Holloway and Maria D. Hagigeorges to Scott W. and Julia L. Westcott, in Bethel.

Savage Land Development LLC to Matthew C. and Nicholette L. Erickson, in Bethel.

Savage Land Development LLC to Aidan L. O’Connor, in Bethel.

Savage Land Development LLC to Mark R. Peloquin, in Bethel.

Savage Land Development LLC to Mark A. Jennings, in Bethel.

Donald Dairs and Jacqueline D. Haley Dairs and Donald S. Dairs to Susan D. Peterson, in Albany Township.

Charleen M. Chase to John C. Rideout Jr. and Carmie G. Rideout, in Norway.

Steven A. and Tammy J. Field to Joshua S. and Stacey Field, in Hebron.

Merton B. and Hazel W. Kimball to German E. Holt, in Albany Township.

Arthur E. Holt to Carolyn J. Cairns, in Albany Township.

Maurice C. Nadeau to Diana H. Nadeau, in Greenwood.

Resort Accommodations International LLC to Eileen D. Cobb and Eileen D. Cobb Revocable Trust of 2001, in Newry.

Estate of Robert G. Jones and David R. Jones to David R. Jones, in Albany Township.

Joseph and Carol Balducci to Brent W. and Kristina L. West, in Peru.

Ann E. Melanson and Ann E. Adams to George F. and Jacqueline M. Proctor, in West Paris.

Albert P. and Marion B. Pevarnek to Donna M. Wasiewski, in Newry.

Mark A. Maillet to Mark W. Crosby and Deborah J. Spalding, in Mexico.

Robert L. Rand to Andrea W. Rand, in Newry.

Debra L. Lovsin to Cynthia A. Littlefield and Kevin Ayer, in Otisfield.

Mountain View Real Estate Development LLC to Prime Capital LLC, in Newry.

Francis H. Scola III and Kim J. Scola and Elisa J. Scola and Christina M. Scola to William K. and Mary C. Colbath, in Waterford.

R and D Land Sales Inc. to Leif S. Castonguay, in Oxford.

EMC Mortgage Corporation and Donald Fortier and Tammy Lee Jordan to EMC Mortgage Corporation, in Buckfield.

EMC Mortgage Corporation to United States of America HUD, in Buckfield.

Wight Enterprises LLC to Robert J. and Antonella Avitabile, in Newry.

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