The Deer Rips power, one of the greatest enterprises ever begun in New England, is now practically completed after over two and one half years of work. A mere visit to the great dam, canal and power house will convince the casual observer that the work is of no mean significance, but when he inquires into the details; learns something of the time, skill, labor and material used in the full development of this magnificent water power his vision of conception becomes deeper and deeper until he is led to wonder how such a tremendous undertaking was ever begun.

50 Years Ago, 1954

President Eisenhower tonight proclaimed 1954 “the most prosperous peacetime year in history” but declared unemployment in some areas “is a matter of deep concern to all of us.” In a nationwide television and radio address, the President added, however, that: “Certainly, we now know that one fear – the fear of a paralyzing depression – can be safely lad away.” Eisenhower’s major address, prepared for delivery at a meeting of the National Security Industrial Assn., was described as “nonpolitical” by the White House, but it touched on a congressional campaign issue – unemployment – with the elections just a week away.

25 Years Ago, 1979

Oxford County Sheriff Alton Howe has issued a reminder to citizens of Oxford County that a new regulation became effective Sept. 14, pertaining to the passing of stopped school buses parked on public ways with their red lights flashing. The law, known as chapter 101, Title 20, Section 2019, Subsection 2, of the Maine Revised Statutes, states that if a vehicle stops and then is signaled to proceed by the school bus operator, it may proceed. The change in the law was approved by the 109th legislature during the first regular session. This regulation also applies to school buses stopped in school driveways.

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