An Auburn man who has seen The Sun since the first day it started and been a subscriber for it since the second day of its issue, says that his attention was attracted to it in a peculiar way. One rainy, blustering morning as he started out to his business a paper was whisked by him by the wind, and tossed this way and that. Instinctively he grasped for the paper, missed it and then resolved that he would not be beaten by the wind, gave chase. When he caught the paper, which happened to be the first issue of The Sun, he put it in his pocket, although it presented rather a sorry appearance after being so buffeted about by the wind. At the first opportunity he glanced over the paper, became interested in something he saw and immediately sent in his subscription which he has never allowed to expire.

50 Years Ago, 1954

Officials of the Lewiston Education Department said yesterday they would like to hear the views of the State Principals’ Association on recent proposals to ban night high school football. Board Chairman Normand B. Champoux indicated he would ban football games under lights for the protection of the health and morals of students. But, he said, he would not favor the idea “if it means Lewiston would have to release from its schedule some of its long and popular rivals, such as Rumford and Portland. I don’t see as we have any problem with playing Edward Little under lights, except possibly the angle of the health of the students attending games in severe weather.”

25 Years Ago, 1979

The State Fire Marshal’s Office is investigating the cause of a fire which destroyed a large chicken house and 14,000 chickens on Thursday night. Livermore Falls Fire Chief Richard Wells said the blaze originated in the top story of the 50 by 150 foot four-story building. Firemen were able to save the attached house, occupied by Mike Voisine who escaped unhurt.

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