On Oct. 15, Laura Mogul visited the Elm Street School eighth graders. She is the education coordinator for the Sexual Assault Crisis Center (SACC) in Lewiston, She showcased information on dating abuse, and will be talking more about it on Oct. 22.

She visited the eighth graders during their science class period. During the first day of presentation she talked to us about why eighth graders, what’s all right in a relationship and what’s not. She also talked to them about what are some things to do when you’re in a situation that is uncomfortable.

On Friday she will talked to them about drugs and more tactics to use when you’re in a uncomfortable situation. Each session is also an open talk period to share their questions, feelings, and discussions. The SACC also visited the middle school students last year. This year has a new meaning behind it and a new face to talk to the students.

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