Voting- Good Morning America! Hi I just wanted to discuss with you fellow Americans up here in Maine about a topic that needs to be noticed. Today’s topic takes place in “voting!” See, not enough Americans have been voting for things such as the most important one known as the “Presidential Election!” You people need to get out there and vote! Now wait a minute, I don’t want to force you into anything you don’t want to do. But that’s just it. Let’s say you want a certain candidate to run as president but the other candidates are ahead in the polls. If one of the other candidates wins, you will be living with their laws to follow and their penalties of crime to help keep you safe.

For example, if one of the candidates win and he has a law that says you can’t drive under twenty-five years of age and you are twenty-one years of age, you could be stripped of your license. You might not agree with that for a law to live by. Now, lets say if you commit four serious crimes, you are sentenced to life in prison. You might not feel that secure with people having four chances! If you don’t vote, you might wake up to a future you might not feel secure in. Even if your candidate is in the lead in the polls he could fall behind. So get up and vote to help decide where our future will go.

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