The Lisbon D.A.R.E. program set out on a wondrous hiking trip up a mountain known as Tumbledown. We took Brook trail. It got its name from the brook that takes its place in the spring time. We gathered our belongings, packed our knapsacks full of goodies and started our journey. At first the trail seemed easy with leaves and small rocks cluttering it. The rocks suddenly seemed to multiply in both amount and size. Along with the multiplying of rocks there was a sudden increase in the land. Taking many breaks as we climbed keet us together as one big happy group. Ok two to three groups (fast- my group, average and beginner). At times the trail would veer up rocks cutting into the side of the mountain, making it difficult to climb the slippery rocks leading to the top.

Once at the top we marveled at its beauty and chatted happily about our close encounters. Time to eat; now that was a highlight for many! Digging out the bread and lunch meat, we each made our own sandwiches. The view was spectacular! The pond on the top of Tumbledown was smooth as glass until the wind blew causing ripples to form. The view was better than anything anyone would dream of seeing. The fire was short lived, but no complaints were made. Yea we had a small, very small fire on the top of the mountain to warm our cold hands.

Going down was easier then coming up in some ways, but harder in others. Many ankles were rolled and a few falls were made. We waited as usual; making sure everyone was still in tact. Once safely on the bus we headed out, not home, but to Pizza Hut; Adults treat. Now that was interesting. All of us seated at one table respecting, caring and trusting each other. That’s what the D.A.R.E. Program is all about! Now that is what I call fun. Please join us next year.

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