Several Lewiston and Auburn people went to Bath and from the shipping city went by boat to Popham Beach to see the monster black whale which washed ashore, and was on exhibition near the life saving station. The whale is of the black species and is seventy-five feet in length. The cause of its death is unknown. It was first discovered by members of the Life Saving station after it had been washed ashore. It is said to be quite a curiosity and will doubtless attract many people to Popham Beach, even if the summer season is slightly advanced. Other excursions will be run this week to accommodate those who wish to see the “Monster Whale”.

50 Years Ago, 1954

Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse became full fledged members of television’s family in the most expensive regular show on the air. In the first full hour filmed series in TV, there were samples of Disney, although much of the opening show was an introduction to the Burbank, Calif., studios and previews of things to come.

Lewiston Police Chief Roland C. Amnott reported he had issued fingerprint cards to Lewiston schools for obtaining the prints of all fifth grade pupils, as is done annually. One set of prints is kept at the Lewiston police headquarters and a second card is sent to the State Police Bureau of Identification.

25 Years Ago, 1979

Richard Nixon is head and shoulders above Jimmy Carter, “Star Wars” villain Darth Vader is still riding high and Zorro is slashing his way back from obscurity. The realistic look is in for Halloween this year, and shop owners say parents of the well-dressed spook are shelling out up to $60 a costume.

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