Cotton mills in New England employing about 10,000 operatives, which were either shut down or running on short time for several months, went on full time schedules. The change was made possible by a weakening cotton market together with a more general inquiry for leading grades of goods. The Edwards Mills of Augusta, controlled in this city have been idle for 4 months. When they were started today a reduction of 10 percent in wages was made. About 1300 hands will be affected. The Boott mills of Lowell, another Boston concern got under way after a stoppage of three months.

50 Years Ago, 1954

Cold, rainy weather was blamed for keeping Halloween activities at a minimum in Auburn. Although the parade, planned for 7 p.m., was canceled, about 50 youngsters went to Walton Field an hour later to get warm by the bonfire and to eat their fill of doughnuts and cider.

The event was sponsored by the Auburn Recreation and Parks Department.

Although Auburn police had five vehicles on the road and all off-duty men available, there was little trouble to require use of the extra manpower.

25 Years Ago, 1979

The lack of any permanent disposal site for Lewiston’s mounting toxic and hazardous wastes has forced city officials to request a meeting with representatives from the state Department of Environmental Protection. The request was made after Fire Prevention Bureau Director Robert Dionne received telephone calls from Lewiston residents and businesses complaining that there is no place in the Lewiston area where such substances can be dumped. Dionne said the problem did not yet involve toxic waste or illegal dumping.

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