Many people feel that the Home for Aged Women is a good thing for this city, yet do not feel any special interest in helping to maintain it. It is necessary that the running expenses be paid, and a way to lessen these is for the people of Lewiston to contribute food, fuel, clothing, etc. The directors will gladly receive donations.

At Cloutier’s market in Lewiston may be seen three deer. One is a pretty buck with unusually fine antlers, which was shot by L. O. Ingalls of Auburn at Oquossoc.

50 Years Ago, 1954

Formation of Maine’s first statewide association of law enforcement officers will be considered Nov. 17 at a conference in the Augusta State Armory, State Police Chief Robert Marx said today.

The proposal is sponsored by the Maine Police Chiefs Association, Maine Sheriffs Association and the State Police, through a joint committee, Marx said.

He predicted that such a group could bring about closer co-operation between various enforcement agencies and provide training, better agreement on jurisdiction and other benefits. About 1,600 officers would be eligible for membership, Marx estimated. He said the committee hopes for attendance of 1,000 at the conference.

25 Years Ago, 1979

Maine voters will decide whether or not to repeal the Returnable Container Law, better known as the Bottle Law. Proponents and opponents of the law have been advertising heavily on television and radio. A state agency has released information on roadside litter, aiming that the Bottle Law has caused a 50 percent drop in the number of bottles and cans collected.

The Natural Resources Council, The Maine FL-CIO, and the Maine State Grange have come out in favor of keeping the present law. Out of seven people interviewed about the Bottle Law in Lewiston, five said they would vote against repeal of the law. In the informal survey, only two wished to get rid of it.

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