You would think that someone who’s wanted for a crime, and a serious one at that, would try to keep a low profile. At the very least, he wouldn’t appear on a nationally syndicated TV show.

In this case, not so much.

Police in Ventura County, Calif., north of Los Angeles, have arrested Ulrick K. White, 31, on charges of rape and kidnapping stemming from a September 2003 incident, reports. White had been at large until his accuser spotted him, no kidding, on a recent episode of “Blind Date.”

The syndicated dating show, which films people on a daylong date and pokes fun at what goes on via editing and on-screen graphics, is distributed by NBC Universal. The company isn’t commenting as to how White made it onto the show.

White’s accuser was watching TV on Oct. 22 when she heard a female “Blind Date” contestant refer to White by his nickname, Aswah. She then videotaped the rest of the segment featuring White and gave the tape to investigators. He was arrested not long after.

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