TURNER – Two SAD 52 programs geared toward helping the community become a better working and learning environment have recently been the talk of the town.

What started out as a small day-care project funded by a state grant has evolved into something Superintendent Thomas Hanson hopes will soon spread throughout the school district. Run by professionals, the day-care center at the Turner Primary School is what some officials believe is the cornerstone of possibilities for the area.

“One thing that is important to us is equal opportunity,” Hanson said. “That is why a second discussion is soon to happen to see if the community believes we should be providing day-care facilities.”

A meeting is set for 7:30 p.m. Dec. 2 at Leavitt Area High School cafeteria.

He said the question that will be addressed at the meeting is “What should we be doing in this program or in fact should we be doing this program at all?”

At the high school, students spend study hall periods at the school’s Learning Center, where students tutor each other in English and math with advice of personnel.

Principal Patrick Hartnett said this year the program has changed and expanded, rewarding the mentors with elective credit for their services.

“It’s great that there is a student-to-student connection,” he said. “I think some people feel more comfortable working with a fellow student; they can explain things sometimes more clearly.”

Student representatives Jordan Beall and Madison MacLean said that an average of two students are present in the center each period and that about 20 students are enrolled as mentors.

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