WILTON – Bowling results from the Tuesday Winter Mixed League as of Oct. 26 games:


High game scratch: Chris White 235, Kevin Wheeler 233, Bill Jordan 226.

High series scratch: Kevin Wheeler 606, Ron Adams 602, Bob Eaton 595.

High game handicap: Kevin Wheeler 278, Will Herrin 272, Chris White 270.

High series handicap: Kevin Wheeler 741, Will Herrin 712, Bruce Hall 687.


High game scratch: Julie Hall 188, Gale Beaulieu 168, Cathy Walton 154.

High series scratch: Gale Beaulieu 444, Julie Hall 423, Muriel Lisherness 422.

High game handicap: Julie Hall 272, Heather Hensley 236, Stephanie Millay and Barb Derbyshire 229.

High series handicap: Julie Hall 675, Barb Derbyshire 660, Heather Hensley 642.

Bowling results from the Saturday Juniors Bowling League as of Oct. 23 games:


High game scratch: Anson Voter 169, Billy Fitzgerald 123, Raymond Tilton 117.

High series scratch: Anson Voter 355, Raymond Tilton 324, Billy Fitzgerald 313.

High game handicap: Anson Voter 254, Billy Fitzgerald 230, Sean Neuschwanger 229.

High series handicap: Billy Dennis III 644, TJ Fairbanks 634, Billy Fitzgerald 634, Paul Hinkley 634.


High game scratch: Jessica Archer 172, Bethanie Archer 169, Mariah Barden 125.

High series scratch: Bethanie Archer 496, Jessica Archer 466, Mariah Barden 333.

High game handicap: Jessica Archer 235, Brittany Edes 225, Kendra Peart 219.

High series handicap: Jessica Archer 655, Kendra Peart 639, Brittany Edes 631.

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