Henry Fortier and Arthur Lafayette, two prisoners at the Androscoggin Co. Jail, made a daring escape Friday afternoon shortly before 3 o’clock. With in 30 minutes they had been captured by Officer Charles Stetson of the Auburn police force and within an hour of the time when they scaled the high walls of the prison yard, they were in solitary confinement in the dog hole. The two were with the other prisoners, at work in the jail shop. Seeing a chance, they took the elevator to the first floor and running out placed a ladder which had been put near by, by another prisoner, it is understood, and were over the wall before the alarm was given.

50 Years Ago, 1954

Continued vigilance on the part of every American to safeguard the Nation’s freedom and security were advocated by speakers at memorial services during yesterday’s observances of Veteran’s Day in the Twin Cities. Addressing a gathering in the forenoon at the Edward Little High School Park, Auburn Municipal Court Judge Alenzo Conant, a World World II Naval officer, declared that “within the confines of our Nation we must be ever vigilant against those who would overthrow our government by force, and not be too critical of those who must uproot and expose godless subversives.”

25 Years Ago, 1979

Within the past three weeks the city of Lewiston, via a series of daring moves engineered by its City Council and a lame duck Education Board, suddenly finds itself in an enviable position. For the first time in years the city does or will shortly own an abundance of property and buildings. This opens the door to a variety of solutions which the city may use to alleviate a space problem, which has nagged it in recent years. The Lewiston Public Library is bulging at the seams and the present police station in the basement of City Hall is in dire need of renovations and additional room.

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