Oh, Mr. Rhoades, get over it.

When is the Sun Journal and the rest of the liberal media going to understand that they are completely out of touch with the majority of Americans? (Or as Rex Rhoades refers to us, “mullahs,” “ayatollahs” and “jihadists.”)

Rhoades’ column Nov. 7 was a good attempt at emulating John Kerry. Rhoades’ words reminded me of Kerry’s testimony before Congress in 1971 regarding the actions of his fellow soldiers serving in Vietnam (“murderers and rapists”).

I’m sure many are stirred by Rhoades’ rhetoric of hate. He should try taking a lesson from Sen. Kerry in his speech of Nov. 3, and concede like a gentleman, perhaps trying to gain some understanding from those of us whose views are different from his.

Leslie Skibitsky, Dixfield