I am a student at Leavitt Area High School and during one of my study halls I go to Mrs. Hathaway’s Fiber and Fabric Art class. The way the class is set up I feel as if I am a member in the class.

I watch a lot of what the kids do and how they work. Right now they are working on knitting. Most of the kids are knitting scarves. I asked some of the hardest working knitters in the class about their projects. I asked three questions.

Question: What challenges did you come across making your scarf in class?

Answer: “Making sure I had 16 stitches from the start to the finish. It was pretty challenging to keep it straight and make it come out as good as I wanted it to.”

– Eva Mendoza

Answer: “At first I had problems with adding stitches.”

– Katelyn Courchesne

Question: If you weren’t in this class would you make a scarf?

Answer: “I probably would have never attempted it if I didn’t take this class.”

– Dani Nielsen

Answer: “Yes, I would because I think that it’s fun to knit when you have nothing else to do.”

– Katelyn Courchesne

Question: Now that you have made your scarf would you make another one outside of class?

Answer: “Now that I know how to do it I think that I definitely would make another scarf out of class.”

– Eva Mendoza

Answer: “Yes, I would.”

– Nida Ahmed

As you see they all sound like they want to make more scarves. Finally, I asked a random question and it was how many scarves have you made so far? And all the ladies are on two or three so far. Believe it or not there are boys in this class too and they are doing great. So don’t forget there are no classes that only certain people can join.

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